How hope broke free from prison

community hope marriage patience thankfulness

Adam and Amanda Whittle thanked God for their circumstances. Then the couple learned to be thankful in them. Watch the video.

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Waiting is important, here’s why

faith infertility waiting patience

Tomorrow is the day we wait for a groundhog to tell us how much longer we will be cold. As a raging fan of summer, I’m putting my sun and...

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How to know you’re growing in faith

joy peace self control patience holy spirit

Fall is upon us. And with fall comes the apple harvest. At an apple orchard, each section of trees is identified by its fruit. Granny Smi...

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Fasting For Something Great

From Gainz

fasting patience

Fasting is saying no to something GOOD for a short time, to get something GREAT in return that will last a long time. 

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5 Tips To Be Sexcessful

From Better Together

marriage compassion humility patience

The Big Idea Understanding this will change your marriage: you are holy and dearly loved by God. Get Started What is one word you...

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Are You Tired of Waiting?

trust waiting patience

As a student, I really liked taking tests. It was my chance to show off for the teacher. I got to show them I had paid attention and lear...

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God Keeps His Promises

From 2 Peter: An 8-Day Devotional

time management patience

Have you ever prayed for something with such an immediate need, only to feel like you waited forever to see the answer? Things don’t happ...

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Imitate Jesus

patience holy spirit

In such a high-tech, fast paced world, patience is a virtue that gets harder and harder to come by. By nature, it’s in the situations tha...

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Patience In Conflict

suffering patience

Opportunities to be patient occur multiple times on a daily basis. These opportunities tend to look like the customer with 25 items who i...

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The Danger In Looking Ahead

money celebration patience

If we were asked to recall our favorite Super Bowl commercial, many of us could immediately recall several. The money spent on marketing ...

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