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1/7/18– 2/11/18

We want to help you think different so that you can be different so that you can make a difference.

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How To Be Different

Jan 7, 2018 1/7/18 · Brad Cooper

We were made to be different. But we won't get there by doing what we've always done. This requires a change from the inside out. We'll have to think different to be different. Only then will we begin to do things differently and live in a way that makes a difference. 

  • vision
  • discipleship
  • church

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Trusting God’s Promises

Jan 14, 2018 1/14/18 · Howard Frist, Michael Mullikin, Shane Duffey and Brad Cooper

God is a promise maker and promise keeper. Hear from our lead pastors how God builds our faith individually and corporately when we trust His promises. 

  • bible
  • trust
  • promises

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Pursuing Uncommon Unity

Jan 21, 2018 1/21/18 · Clayton King

Jesus calls us to more than getting along or tolerating each other's differences. He prayed for us to experience an uncommon unity — the same unity He shared with God and the Holy Spirit. This kind of unity won't come naturally; it's something we have to pursue. 

  • racism
  • discipleship
  • church
  • relationships

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Making Bold Moves

Jan 28, 2018 1/28/18 · Dan Lian

As we get older, we gravitate toward what's comfortable. This pull from courageous to complacent fights against what God wants to do in us. The abundant life and amazing love Jesus wants us to experience always lie on the other side of faith steps and bold moves.

  • unbelief
  • risk
  • fear
  • faith

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Having a Kingdom Mentality

Feb 4, 2018 2/4/18 · Brad Cooper

Jesus talked about one thing more than forgiveness, love, or prayer — the kingdom of God. Most of us have prayed "your kingdom come" without much thought about what that means. But when Jesus came, He came to establish a kingdom. And the more we know about His kingdom, the more it changes how we think and live every day. 

  • gospel
  • evangelism
  • church

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Showing Visible Love

Feb 11, 2018 2/11/18 · Dan Lian

The Christian life should be marked by selfless, sacrificial, genuine love–the same love exemplified by Jesus, our savior. True love has the power to connect people to Jesus and each other in a world-transforming way.

  • jesus
  • love
  • community

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