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Family Values

2/3/19– 3/3/19

As a No Ordinary Family, we believe in Trusting God’s promises, Showing Visible Love, Pursing Uncommon Unity, Having A Kingdom Mentality, and Making Bold Moves.

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Trusting The Promises

Feb 3, 2019 2/3/19 · Brad Cooper

Why do we set life goals? Because we know progress won’t happen by accident — not in our work, our family, our schooling, or our relationships. Excellence takes effort in our spiritual life, too. In this message, Brad Cooper shares NewSpring's family values, and explains how a life built on the rock of God's promises will always prosper. 

  • trust
  • jesus
  • church
  • promises

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The Heart of Jesus

Feb 10, 2019 2/10/19 · Dan Lian

Our world is more divided than ever. We're separated by race, age, social class, gender, ethnicity, and culture. In this message, Dan Lian explains why pursuing uncommon unity isn't a political issue — It's a gospel issue. The ministry of reconciliation was what Jesus came to earth to empower and accomplish.

  • unity
  • peace
  • reconciliation
  • love

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Feb 17, 2019 2/17/19 · Clayton King

Growth means change. In this message, Clayton King teaches us that making a bold move is how we step into the life we’re promised in Jesus. Learn about the Biblical story of Peter and the way Jesus challenges us to ever-growing boldness.

  • boldmoves
  • followingjesus
  • faith

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Having a Kingdom Mentality

Feb 24, 2019 2/24/19 · Brad Cooper

Our world is broken, and only God's people can offer the hope it needs. In this message, Brad Cooper teaches us that having a kingdom mentality is about bringing heaven to earth wherever we are — forgiveness, freedom, healing, and worship. 

  • worship
  • heaven
  • healing
  • forgiveness

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Showing Visible Love

Mar 3, 2019 3/3/19 · Dan Lian, Clayton King and Brad Cooper

If love isn't expressed, does it really exist? In this message, the teaching team discusses how love for others reveals our love for Jesus. Learn the four characteristics of Biblical love and why it's so important for us to make our love visible in relationship.

  • visiblelove
  • love
  • forgiveness
  • community

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