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Gauntlet 2018

7/23/18– 7/27/18

Gauntlet 18, a weeklong Fuse gathering in Daytona Beach, Florida, focused on helping students understand and experience what it means to live in faith and freedom in Jesus.

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Session 1

Jul 23, 2018 7/23/18 · Brad Cooper

Jesus wants to be the most awesome thing in our lives. When our awe is fully captured by Jesus, we respond in faith, not fear, to the challenges and uncertainties of our circumstances. Find out the five keys to growth in faith and awe in God.

  • fear
  • discipline
  • faith

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Session 2

Jul 24, 2018 7/24/18 · Kaleb White

Our purpose as believers is to bring heaven to earth. The more fully we believe fully in the power of God, the more we become like Jesus, able to do the things that Jesus did. Discover how everyone has the opportunity to get in the game and see the kingdom come.

  • john
  • kingdommentality
  • freedom

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Session 3

Jul 24, 2018 7/24/18 · tim ross

Jesus' asks His followers to the narrow path, and His teaching is frequently hard to understand. So why does Jesus refuse to make it easier to follow Him? Learn how Jesus tests His followers' hearts to reveal whether they're in true relationship with Him. Do we follow because of what He does for us or because of who He is?

  • followingjesus
  • trust
  • faith

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Session 4

Jul 25, 2018 7/25/18 · meredith knox

Where we sit matters. As children of God, we are seated with Jesus in the heavens, and we have the best seat in the house. Find out how it changes us when we know whom we are seated with, where we are seated, and the access we have in that seat.

  • victory
  • salvation
  • ephesians

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Session 5

Jul 25, 2018 7/25/18 · Kaleb White and Brad Cooper

Our birthright as a saved people is freedom. Too often, we try and get rid of sin by focusing on our sin instead of focusing on our Savior. Find out how true repentance asks God to fill our hearts with His Holy Spirit, forcing unholy desire, sin and shame out of our lives.

  • worship
  • holy spirit
  • freedom

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Session 6

Jul 26, 2018 7/26/18 · Dan Lian

Jesus says to his followers, "You are the light of the world." Dan Lian unpacks the three cosmic realities in that simple statement to encourage us to shine boldly and brightly as difference makers in a dark, hurting, and broken world.

  • courage
  • boldmoves
  • joy
  • purpose

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Session 7

Jul 26, 2018 7/26/18 · Clayton King

"Jesus is Lord" was the early Christians' first statement of faith. Find out why that confession was a death-defying attack on the authority of ancient Rome, and discover what it can teach us about taking the mission of God into the spaces and places of our everyday lives.

  • confession
  • salvation
  • jesus
  • faith

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Session 8

Jul 29, 2018 7/29/18 · Brad Cooper

Hundreds of Fuse students asked Jesus into their lives at Gauntlet18 and took their next step in baptism. Baptism is an outward, physical symbol of an inward, spiritual change and a reminder of an individual's commitment to love God and follow Him for life. Find out how it unites us with Jesus in His death and resurrection and unites us to other believers in the family of God.

  • baptism
  • jesus
  • love
  • obedience

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