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Holy Spirit

4/7/18– 5/13/18

The tomb is empty, and Jesus is alive. But it's common for many to forget the Holy Spirit is Jesus in us and with us.

Who is Holy Spirit? What does He do? What are His gifts, and how do we experience Him? In this series, we remove the mystery that surrounds the third person of the Trinity. We are meant to know God the Holy Spirit as fully as we do God the Father and God the Son.

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Who is the Holy Spirit

Apr 8, 2018 4/8/18 · Brad Cooper

When the early church received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, He is described as wind and fire. The new believers would have instantly made the connection to the story of the Exodus — when God led the Jews into the Promised Land with wind and fire. Learn how the Holy Spirit promises to guide us, protect us, be present to us, and prepare the hearts of those we encounter.

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My best friend, Holy Spirit.

Apr 15, 2018 4/15/18 · Dan Lian

The Holy Spirit isn't a feeling, a force or a power. The Holy Spirit is our best friend. By inviting the Holy Spirit into every day, and staying in step with Him, He’ll transform us, our choices, and our relationships. Learn the difference it makes to experience the friendship of the Holy Spirit.

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Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Apr 22, 2018 4/22/18 · Clayton King

Everyone receives a gift from the Holy Spirit at salvation, and we all have a responsibility to understand and use our gift to bless others for the common good. Discover why we do not need to fear any of the spiritual gifts but rather embrace them with joy.

  • blessing
  • salvation
  • holy spirit
  • love

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Power of the Holy Spirit

Apr 29, 2018 4/29/18 · meredith knox

Many of us have received the payment from God for our sins, but have yet to receive the power of God. The Holy Spirit has given us the power to preach the Gospel, partner with God to perform miracles, and to persevere in the truth.

  • miracles
  • holy spirit
  • healing

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Clarifying Misunderstood Gifts of the Holy Spirit

May 6, 2018 5/6/18 · Brad Cooper

The Holy Spirit and His gifts are puzzling to many, but it doesn't have to be that way. Learn what the Bible says about the gift of tongues, prayer language, prophecy, and the baptism and filling of the Holy Spirit.

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  • holy spirit
  • faith

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The Greatest Evangelist

May 13, 2018 5/13/18 · Clayton King

Everyone can be bold in sharing the good news of Jesus because the Holy Spirit is always with us when we do. Learn how the Holy Spirit pursues people, prepares their hearts, and positions us in their lives. 

  • evangelism
  • holy spirit

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