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No Ordinary Father

9/9/18– 10/7/18

How do you see God? To some, He’s a judge or granter of wishes. To others, He’s more of a distant, cosmic force. But in the Bible, God tells us to think of Him differently. He tells us to call Him, “Dad.”

Discover why it’s a big deal to see God as our dad and learn what makes Him no ordinary father. 

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Give Me A Name

5 days ago 9/16/18 · Kaleb White

What does it mean for God to name us His sons and daughters? Kaleb White explains that as adopted children, we receive the right — with special access and privileges — to bring heaven to earth. Learn how to embrace participating with God in His work, not because he needs us but because he loves us.

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Call me Dad

one week ago 9/9/18 · Dan Lian

When we see God the way He truly wants to be seen, everything changes. Watch Dan Lian's message to discover a God who smiles in our direction and just wants us to call Him “Dad!”

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