The Life of Job

Do you want the second part of your life to be better than the first? Do you want to live the rest of your life going nowhere but up? In this series we will take a look at the extraordinary, hope-filled story of an ordinary guy in the Bible named Job and talk about God’s plans for the best that has yet to come in your life.

Don’t Give Up!

Oct 23, 2011 10/23/11 · perry noble

When you get mad, frustrated or confused, the first thing you may want to do is give up. But God has never and will never give up on you. If you want to see God bless you, don't ever give up on the God who has never given up on you.

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Don’t Waste Your Life

Oct 30, 2011 10/30/11 · perry noble

You can't do a thing about the past, but you can change what you do now and how it affects your future. God has not called you to make excuses—He's called you to make a difference!

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  • past

3 Financial Commitments That Changed My Life

Nov 6, 2011 11/6/11 · perry noble

The second half of Job's life was more blessed than the first because God knew that He could trust Job enough to give Him more. Does your money management give God reason to trust you with more?

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How Do I Know God is Speaking to Me?

Nov 13, 2011 11/13/11 · perry noble

Life is frustrating. And when we get frustrated, we don't pay attention to the obvious. A blessed life starts when we surrender to the voice of God in our lives.

  • frustration
  • listening
  • blessed
  • surrender

Getting Past The Performance Trap

Nov 20, 2011 11/20/11 · perry noble

God doesn't love you because of your performance. He loves you because of His position as your Father.

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  • love
  • fatherhood

It’s Not About Me

Nov 27, 2011 11/27/11 · perry noble

Do you treat church like a restaurant or a family? Living a blessed life begins when we realize that “it's not about me!”

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  • selfish
  • church

Party Time

Dec 4, 2011 12/4/11 · perry noble

If we want to live a life that gets better every day, we've got to see what God sees. That means we see people as God sees people, stripped of labels and placed in only two categories: saved or lost.

  • salvation