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The miracle that saved our son and changed our family

Cassie and Rick Littlejohn discovered a hidden purpose in their pain as people worldwide begged God to save their newborn ...

With the birth of our third son, Levi Asher, our semi-normal life was ripped from its foundation.

We arrived at the hospital for my third C-section, and all was good. They wheeled me back to the delivery room, and everything with me went according to plan. But when they pulled out my son, he was not breathing. He was limp and blue.

They worked with Levi until they finally got a breath and inserted a ventilator. But they were unsure of how long he was without oxygen, and they saw seizure like activity, so they decided to transport him to the NICU in another hospital.

They froze Levi’s brain and put him in a medically-induced coma for four days in hopes that the brain would repair itself.

How could God allow this to happen?

A Terrifying Trial

I was wheeled back to recovery without seeing my baby, or even knowing what was going on. What was happening?! How could there be anything wrong with my child? 

I did not know what to feel or how to respond. How could God allow this to happen? Had I not been a devoted child of His for almost my entire life?

I wish I could say that I thanked God in the middle of this trial, but I did not. I froze. I had no words. I was terrified and in shock.

The nurse asked if she could pray with me. I said, “yes.” This was not the only time God provided prayers for me and my son when I could not even get the words to come.

Our Levi faced obstacle after obstacle. Levi had two strokes in utero, a blood clot in his brain, and a virus that attacked his heart and liver that caused those organs to become enlarged.

The doctors could not figure out what was going on. He was so sick. The doctors weren’t sure he was going to make it several times.

We prayed for the doctors to have wisdom. We prayed for healing. We prayed for intervention. We prayed for answers. We anointed Levi with oil and prayed scripture over him.

Within two days, he was a brand new baby.

A Miraculous Prayer

It was a friend of mine’s idea to post the prayer request to Facebook and ask people to join together in prayer one night at the exact same time — 8:30 p.m.

Everyone at NewSpring Spartanburg was praying for him. Levi was on prayer chains all over the world. Thousands and thousands of people prayed.

And the next day there was a turn in Levi’s health. It was tons of things all at once that changed.

It was like the difference between daylight and dark. He miraculously turned around.

Within two days, he was a brand new baby. Within a week and a half he was home — on Christmas Eve night — when they thought he wouldn’t be home for months.

It was all due to the prayer, and God healing our Levi. I have no doubt.

It brought us closer together as a couple, closer than we had ever been.

A Hard Lesson

We learned that with prayer, there is power in numbers, and there’s power in consistency, and power in believing in your prayer and having faith that God will answer it.

Before, prayer was more like a daily routine. Prayer is a necessity for us now. It’s God’s word. It’s alive. It’s our tool to protect, heal, comfort. It’s our gift. It’s our shield. It’s our sword against Satan and the battles we fight.

While we were pregnant, my husband and I almost separated. I was so angry. We went to counseling. I felt so broken. I prayed for healing of our marriage and for us to be completely surrendered to Him. I prayed God would use us to bring Him glory.

And I’ll never forget that day they rolled Levi into my hospital room in the transport unit. He was covered with wires and tubes.

Surrounded by our family and nurses, my 6-foot, 1-inch husband fell to his knees, weeping. God broke him. God used the birth of a baby to break him to his core and draw him to Himself.

He completely surrendered his life to Jesus. His whole spiritual walk changed, and it brought us closer together as a couple — closer than we had ever been. It brought us unity.

My husband prays for everybody now. He prays immediately for anyone that needs it. He stops what he is doing and prays right then. He has taught me to pray immediately. He sometimes will even go up to the NICU and pray for the children there.

God used his story to reach thousands.

A Favored Son

Levi means attached to; united as one; joined in harmony. Asher means happy and blessed.

Our Levi Asher helped join so many together for God's glory. And He truly brought unity to our family. He brought each of us to unity with God.

Levi is a complete miracle. The doctors told us Levi may have delays. But he is completely healthy from head to toe. He has no side effects whatsoever. He was walking at 10 months, and he’s talking up a storm now. We have to run to keep up! 

We celebrated his second birthday on Nov. 24, Thanksgiving Day. We could not be more thankful for this gift of Levi. He did not come wrapped the way I thought he should, but because of his trial, God used his story to reach thousands.

Our God is the same today as He was when He parted the Red Sea, healed the lame, and raised His Son from the dead. When I look at Levi, I see the goodness of God.​

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