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Session 2

Your Mess Isn’t Meaningless

Read: 1 Peter 1:6-7

Some days, life is easy. Other days, life seems impossible. The kids are fighting, overdue bills are piling up, work deadlines are looming and the doctor’s office calls with a prognosis you weren’t prepared for.

Difficulty comes in varying forms. Sometimes, our problems are the result of our own bad decisions. Other times, the trials we face are completely out of our control. At the time Peter wrote this letter, Christians were being killed for their faith. No doubt there were days where they looked to the heavens and shouted, “Why?”

Peter couldn’t explain why God wasn’t intervening and stopping their persecution, but he could be certain that what they were going through was not meaningless. As one of Jesus’ disciples, Peter had seen Jesus perform miracles, die on a cross and come back from the dead. Peter knew better than anyone that our overwhelming situations are opportunities for God to reveal Himself.

When life is perfect, we get complacent. We coast along, rarely considering how dependent we are on something outside ourselves. Trials force us to acknowledge our lack of control over our lives and our complete dependence on God.

The more dependent we are on God, the more aware we are of His presence in our lives. We no longer take for granted the everyday miracles God sends our way. The encouraging text from a friend no longer seems like a coincidence, but like a hug from God Himself. Events that we might have previously described as serendipitous, we now recognize as God’s faithfulness and provision.

Difficulty refines us and strengthens our relationship with God. By persevering even in tough times, we receive a gift that is more valuable and lasting than gold. We gain a faith that overcomes even the toughest trials.


  • Think about two or three times in your life when God’s presence seemed most tangible. What did those seasons of life have in common?
  • What’s one way you’ve seen God use a difficult situation to show you something new about Himself?
  • What’s one area of your life that seems overwhelming right now? What do you want God to show you about Himself in this situation?

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