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1 Thessalonians: A 7-Day Devotional

What would you do if you thought the end was near? 

Would you quit everything and build a bunker? Would you make a bucket list and work through it with urgency? Would you have the talk you put off for years or follow the passion that never seemed practical?

For many Christians in Thessalonica, the end seemed imminent. 

The apostle Paul spent just a few weeks in Thessalonica before being rushed out of town for his own protection. In that short time, Paul started a church and shared the good news about Jesus’ resurrection and return. But once Paul left, misconceptions about Jesus’ return started creeping into the church. 

1 Thessalonians is a heartfelt letter from Paul to the people he came to know and love. Paul provides hope and comfort to those who were suffering and explains how to live in the in-between — knowing Jesus will return but not knowing when.

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