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Session 8

What are you waiting for?

Read: 1 Timothy 4:12-16

In 1 Timothy, Paul is advising Timothy on how to handle a difficult situation. At the time, Timothy is being sent in to address areas of concern within the church. No doubt, this was an overwhelming task. Timothy was younger than many of the people he would be advising, and he also likely had less religious experience. This, however, was not concerning to God. What we see in others and ourselves is not what God sees. God sees the heart. God is concerned not with age or experience, but with our conduct, love, faith and purity.

Paul tells Timothy not to let anyone look down on him because of his age, but the principle extends far beyond just age. The broader message is that God has a plan for us no matter what our perceived limitation. As believers, we are called specifically to pursue God’s will above all else. This means that no matter our situation, we are without excuse when it comes to saying yes to what God puts in front of us. If we aren’t dead, God’s not done.

God is not waiting for us to reach a certain age, theological understanding or level of income to be used by Him.  Our value to God lies in our obedience — not our age, race, gender or how much or how little we may have. Despite all the shortcomings we see in ourselves, we have the ability to confidently share Jesus’ message with those around us.


  • Have you been waiting to develop a certain characteristic before you feel comfortable serving God? What is it?
  • How might the world have been different if Jesus had waited on an age or degree to fully obey God’s plan?
  • What’s one step can you take today to pursue God’s plan for your life?

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