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2 Timothy: A 4-Day Devotional

Following Jesus is not always easy. Temptation and disappointment are everywhere, from the half-clothed people on TV, the job that fell through, and the whispers behind our backs, some days walking with Jesus is downright difficult.

These struggles are not new. Christians have faced opposition and hardship from the beginning. But God always comes through. We can trust Him to continue to change our lives, to come through for those around us, and to grow the church.

God wants us to come to the end of our lives and know we finished well. One way we do this is by surrounding ourselves with godly mentors. In the church, we find others who will encourage us, guide us, and celebrate with us.

Paul, the writer of 2 Timothy, was Timothy’s spiritual mentor. 2 Timothy is a letter Paul wrote to Timothy to help him follow Jesus and to teach others to do the same — no matter how hard life gets.

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