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Ecclesiastes: A 20-Day Devotional

We all want our lives to make a difference. But too often we rush through life like a hamster on its wheel — exhausting maximum effort on something that doesn’t matter. 

Maybe you’re the first in the office early and the last to leave, giving everything to the company you hope to one day lead. Or maybe your idea of success is measured in your online influence. You spend every spare moment shopping sales and researching trends, hoping to parlay your personal brand into a full-time gig. 

For others, a successful life is not measured in money but experience. The fear of missing out moves you from party to party, relationship to relationship, and experience to experience. By trying everything, surely you’ll find the one thing that matters?

Ecclesiastes teaches us that all the places we look for meaning are meaningless without God. A job you love, a passion project, a desire to enjoy life — these things aren’t bad or evil. But no amount of career success, social influence, or adventure will give our lives purpose like He can. 

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