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Session 11

Mo’ money, mo’ problems

Read: Ecclesiastes 5:8-18, 1 Timothy 6:6-11

King Solomon was the wisest, richest man in the world, his fame reached the ends of the earth, making him a celebrity of his time. His jewels, lavish lifestyle, and womanizing would have fit right in with the covers of today’s gossip magazines. Having money seems like the answer to most problems, but just as we see with modern celebrities, Solomon discovered that money can be more of a burden than a blessing.

Those who live for money can never get enough. The pursuit of it can become so consuming there is no time to rest. Fixing our eyes on money and possessions can lead to extreme hoarding or extreme spending. Hoarding leads to alienation from the people we love. Extreme spending—from trying to have the latest and greatest of everything—can end in maxed out credit cards and empty bank accounts. 

But, we need money and jobs and things. How do we keep the things we own from owning us?

The apostle Paul shares the secret in 1 Timothy 6:6-11. The problem really isn’t with money itself. The problem is with our focus. When we focus on money, money becomes an idol. Idols are anything that we try to use to fill the space in our hearts that only the one true God is big enough to fill. It’s like pouring water into a bottomless bucket. But, if we make God our focus, and work to honor Him, we learn to be content with whatever we have.

When God is our focus we learn to be content with whatever we have. 

Solomon reaches the conclusion in Ecclesiastes 5:18 that working hard to make money and enjoy the fruits of our labors is actually a good thing when God is the focus of our lives. 


  • In what way have you seen the love of money cause destruction in your life or the life of someone you know?
  • If money and fame were the answer to life’s problems, wouldn’t Hollywood produce the happiest and healthiest families in the world? Are you trusting in money to solve your problems, or in God?
  • What truth from the Bible do you need to remember to keep your focus on God rather than money? 

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