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Session 26

The Woman Caught in the act of Adultery

Read: John 8:1-11

College football season was completely electric and so much more awesome than high school. With the first kick off, college came alive. Unfortunately, the newfound freshman freedom turned out to be more than I was ready to handle. What began as a late night here and a party there led to a pattern of excessive drinking, and reckless decisions. By reckless I mean potentially life threatening... and ultimately led to compromising my purity. I wasn’t particularly proud of what I had become, but somehow believed I wasn’t hurting anybody. Right?   

John 8: 1-11 is the story of a young woman caught in the act of adultery. As people stood ready to stone her Jesus spoke up saying, “Let anyone without sin throw the first stone at her.” With that the crowd settled and and began to drop their stones. The only person remaining was the one without any sin, Jesus. Did he launch a rock in her direction? I surely would have. After all she had been caught in the act!  But Jesus’ heart was different. He didn’t yell at her or call her names. He forgave her.  “Go now and leave your life of sin."

After graduation I realized my lifestyle had been way more than harmless college craziness. It was sin. When I invited Jesus into my life, it became clear my sin was every bit as wretched as her red letter account in the bible. And, thankfully the Lord offered me forgiveness; and told me to leave that life behind.

1. If you’re involved in a secret sin, would you ask for help?

2. It’s easy to see sin in other people. If you’re having a hard time identifying any sin in your life, consider asking the Lord if pride might be an issue.  He’ll forgive you, too.

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