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God’s Promises To You: A 4-Day Devotional

“There has to be more to life than this.” 

If you’ve ever uttered those words, you’re not alone. The truth is you were made for more than work, eat, rest, repeat. 

The better life we’re looking for is found in God’s promises. God’s promises show us what He wants for us, and they show us the life available to us when we believe in Jesus (2 Peter 1:4). 

Unlike the promises we make to each other, every promise God makes comes to pass. God is not a human who goes back on His word (Numbers 23:19). God’s promises are an offer with a guaranteed result. If we do our part, He will do His. 

Throughout the Bible, God makes many promises to His people. But in these four promises from Exodus 6, we see God's plan for every believer: 

  • I will save you. 
  • I will free you. 
  • I will give you purpose. 
  • I will give you a life that’s overflowing. 

God told His first followers to recall these promises in a meal called the Passover. Many years later, Jesus instructed us to do the same (Luke 22:19). 

The life you’ve always wanted — a life that’s overflowing with joy — starts by knowing these four promises and understanding your part in bringing them to pass. 

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