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Habakkuk: A 7-Day Devotional

When each day brings reports of war breaking out, corruption going unpunished, and natural disasters devastating communities, we can find ourselves wondering: Where was God when that happened? Why does evil continue to go unpunished?

These are the same questions the prophet Habakkuk wrestled with. He could not reconcile what he saw happening with his belief in a good and righteous God. Habakkuk asks the Lord why evildoers are going unpunished, and God answers — but not how Habakkuk expected Him to. 

God controls the universe, and He is working out His purpose in His time. Our finite minds will never grasp all that the Lord is doing.

Like Habakkuk, we don’t have to understand God to trust God. Habakkuk reminds us that the Lord is not indifferent to His people. The same way God was working out a greater plan in Habakkuk’s time, He is at work in our world today. 

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