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Hosea: A 12-Day Devotional

Has God ever prompted you to do something that seemed odd? Like buying a homeless person dinner, calling up a distant relative to see how they are doing, or moving across the country for a new job. All these things can make us feel uncomfortable, but imagine being in Hosea’s shoes. 

Hosea was a good man after God's own heart. But God asked him to do something crazy. “Go, marry a promiscuous woman.” It’s easy to imagine Hosea asking God, “What did you say? Do we have bad connection? I must have misunderstood you.” But God was clear and, ultimately, Hosea was obedient.

Because of his faithful obedience we get to read about a story that parallels the same kind of love our heavenly Father shows us. Despite our best efforts to turn away, disobey, and prostitute ourselves to other gods—like money, status or the opinions of others—He continues to call us back and love us unconditionally.

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