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Session 1

God Told You To Do What?!

Read: Hosea 1

Have you ever heard people say God told them to do something, but they sounded totally crazy? They’re in good company; the Bible includes story after story of God giving people instructions they didn’t understand.

When God told Hosea to marry a prostitute, he must have doubted God’s voice and intentions. Marrying Gomer broke every cultural norm of that day, especially for a prophet like Hosea. It just didn’t make sense.

When God tells us to do something we’re uncomfortable with, we tend to brush it off or make excuses, too.

Did God really mean that? Maybe He doesn’t see all the problems that I can see.

What will others think?

This sounds like the worst idea ever.

Though Hosea’s life looked like a failure because of his unstable marriage, God was at work behind the scenes. He used Hosea’s obedience to show Israel how much He loved them and had better plans for them. Though they had constantly sinned and rebelled against God, He was going to rescue them.

Sometimes we won’t see the immediate results of our obedience. But even when it seems useless to us, our obedience makes us useful to God.

It’s not that God wants something from us, but He wants something for all of us. Our obedience to God can impact the lives of others in ways we could never accomplish on our own.

What seems crazy to us is simply the way God brings about more than we expect. When we least expect it, God does the inconceivable to accomplish the incredible.


  • What is one thing God asked you to do that you don’t understand?
  • Have you seen God do something unexpected and it turned out better than you thought it would?
  • What is one way God has rescued you?

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