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James: A 10-Day Devotional

Have you ever met someone who talks a good game but doesn’t follow through? 

After a while, you stop believing anything that person has to say. Up until the resurrection, James thought Jesus was one of those people. 

James was Jesus’ brother. They grew up together, shared family meals, and celebrated holidays together. Jesus’ preaching might have convinced others that He was the deliverer they’d been waiting for, but James was not buying it. 

Then Jesus came back from the dead, and James realized it was all true. Every last word.  James believed, and his life changed forever (Acts 15:13-21). 

In this letter to Jewish believers outside of Jerusalem, James reminds us that faith doesn’t only change what we believe. It changes what we do. 

James went from a bitter opponent to the bishop of the church at Jerusalem; from unbelieving brother to Christian martyr. 

We can’t say we believe in Jesus and change nothing about what we do. That was true for James. And it’s true for you.

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