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Session 14


Read: Romans 11:33-36

When faced with tough decisions about careers, relationships, finances or whatever, we sometimes struggle to fully place our trust in Jesus. Our trust level is proportional to our understanding of who God is. When we have a low opinion of Jesus and view Him as weak and impotent, our trust in Him will be minimal. When we view Jesus as sovereign, powerful, omniscient and immutable, our trust in Him will be high.

Our lack of trust in Jesus affects our walk with Him. People who lack trust walk in fear. Their decision making is crippled. Their ability to take steps of faith is drastically diminished. The person who fails to trust that God is in control is fooled into believing they are in control. This lack of trust causes a “be careful” attitude about everything.

Jesus did not call us to be careful. He called us to lay down our life for Him. Life is not about guarding our stuff and our decisions. It’s about surrendering it all to Jesus. He promises us that a life lived trusting Jesus will be one of risk and reward. When we trust Jesus, the Creator and Sustainer of heaven and earth, our lives will be fuller and richer than we ever thought possible.

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