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Titus: An 8-Day Devotional

Titus, a young church leader in Crete, faced many of the same leadership struggles we face today: How do I keep everyone focused on the goal we’re trying to reach? Who can I trust to lighten the load? What do I do when people gossip or spread rumors that aren’t true? What do I do when I don’t know what to do?

Leading others is tiring in all the ways we don’t expect hard work to be, and the apostle Paul knew it. So when he learned a friend was headed to Crete, Paul took the opportunity to send a letter to encourage Titus. 

Paul’s letter became the book of Titus in our Bibles today. In it, Paul gives practical advice on the everyday struggles leaders face from dealing with difficult people to identifying those with leadership potential. 

Because Titus was a church leader, Paul also addresses how the church should function. He outlines ways that believers in every season of life can be part of sharing the Gospel. So whether you are a leader, or want to be, let Paul’s words to Titus encourage you, too. 

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