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Session 10

God is awesome

Read: Genesis 1

Have you ever passed a police officer parked on the side of the road and felt the need to check your speed limit and sort of make sure you aren’t doing anything obviously wrong? Even the most law abiding citizen probably feels that way. That is what we could refer to as a healthy fear and reverence for law enforcement. Sometimes just seeing a police car can trigger that response. That speaks to the level of respect we have for the role of a police officer and what he or she represents. It is similar, on a smaller scale, to the heart and attitude we should have towards God.

We read things in the Bible about being awe struck and fearing Him. That doesn’t happen because of what He has done for us, but instead simply because of who He is. God is Elohim.

Elohim is the first name the Bible uses for God and literally translates "God." Some scholars believe Elohim derived from 'êl which, in turn, originates from the root word, 'wl (which means "strong"). Others think that Elohim is derived from another two roots: 'lh (which means "god") in conjunction with 'elôah (which means "fear").

What does Elohim tell us about God? He is transcendent, mighty, and strong. He is not human. As much as we like to make sense of God by thinking about Him in human terms, even His most common name reminds us that He’s not like us. Before earth existed, God did. He made us as well as everything we see and know about the world. Recognizing our place as His created should stir in us a healthy fear, an awestruck respect.


  • Have you ever been in awe of who God is? When?
  • Does the way you talk to and about God communicate that you respect Him? Why or why not?
  • What is one way knowing God as Elohim will affect the way you approach Him?

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