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As for me

Oct 20, 2019 · Brad Cooper

family identity faith spiritual warfare

Our houses are more than a place to eat, sleep, spend time with people we love. Our homes are God’s vehicle to bless the world. In this message, Brad Cooper talks about God’s design for families and how winning at home is the starting point for winning in every area of life and relationships.

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Oct 14, 2019 · Brad Cooper

faith culture politics

Do you think our society is divided politically? So was Israel — torn between coexistence with the occupying Romans and the hope of a political savior Messiah. Jesus refused to pick sides. Instead, he called everyone to submission to the word of God. In this message, Brad Cooper shares three major Biblical principles that must guide our engagement with politics.

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The Third Option

Oct 7, 2019 · Miles McPherson

identity racism love culture

Our society is more than divided than ever between "us" and "them." Whether it’s race, politics, social class or some other identity, this type of thinking prevents us from seeing people as God sees them. In this message, Pastor Miles McPherson calls us to a third option: To view all people as brother, sister, or neighbor. Discover how to identify in-groups and out-groups and how you can live out the third option by showing visible love to everyone.

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Latest Articles

"Elephant in the Room" Group Leader Guide: Week 6

Oct 13, 2019

politics elephant in the room group guides

In the last week of "Elephant in the Room," Brad Cooper talked about politics and our responsibility as citizens of the kingdom of heaven. We sing ...

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Top Resources on Politics

Oct 12, 2019


No matter where we fall politically, we can all agree that America has never felt more divided. These resources were compiled to help us, as Christ...

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"Win at Home" toolkit

Oct 8, 2019

evangelism forgiveness hospitality friendship

How do you define success? What are practical ways you can win? Our four-week series will give you a new perspective on the place you call home. 

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Latest Devotionals

You were made for change

Oct 22, 2019

In school, we learned how a caterpillar builds a chrysalis and, over time, emerges as a butterfly. While inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar is g...

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You can be angry and not sin

Oct 21, 2019

When’s the last time you were angry? Not "I’m frustrated," but "I want to break things, I’m so angry."What got you to that place? How in control we...

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What are you craving?

Oct 20, 2019

Have you ever gotten a food craving so bad your mouth started watering just thinking about it? Why do you think your body craves that certain food?...

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Five reasons to go to NewSpring Men’s Weekend

Oct 20, 2019

When guys get together and go all in, good things happen. But if you’re still not convinced that NewSpring Men’s Weekend is for you, consider the f...

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It’s move-in time for NewSpring Northeast Columbia

Oct 15, 2019

On Sunday, Oct. 27, NewSpring Northeast Columbia moves into its new home at 1010 Old Two Notch Road in Elgin.

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Our kingdom giving, Q3, 2019

Oct 14, 2019

Every year, we dedicate 10% of your tithes and offerings to funding people and organizations doing kingdom work. Here’s a list of recipients of NewSpring’s “tithe" in the second quarter, April 1 to June 30.

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Latest Stories

Maine and Ria Dawkins got connected

Jun 26, 2019


Maine and Ria Dawkins wanted to make NewSpring their new church home and were looking for where to start

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Kayla Oglesby got connected

Apr 25, 2019

family community serving purpose promises discipleship connect

Kayla Oglesby wasn’t going to church and was struggling in her relationship with Jesus. Connect Classes got her back on track ...

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Justin Harrison heard the calling of God at Gauntlet

Apr 21, 2019

jesus relationships faith

Watch the video to see how Justin’s story reveals the legacy of faith created at Gauntlet.

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