How to find the right mentor

Janet Roberts

It was 29 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. My husband and I were at a high school football game. A couple from church had two sons who played on one of the teams, and we'd taken our boys (then 6 and 3) to watch them play.

Near the end of the game, we joined this couple on the field. When the final whistle blew, we witnessed something that floored us. These teenage football players ran over to their mom and dad and unabashedly hugged and kissed them. 

At that moment, my husband and I saw what we wanted our family to look like. That couple became our role model, and they helped us navigate through the waters of parenthood. 

Success Requires More Than Bible Knowledge

Early in our marriage, we decided to align our lives with biblical principles. Our top priority was to integrate those principles into raising our children. But we quickly realized knowing the Bible and applying its truth are two different things. 

Even though we read what the Bible said about parenting, we lacked wisdom in the practical application of those precepts. We had a destination in mind of where we wanted to be as a family, but we weren't quite sure how to get there. The wisdom we needed was provided through mentoring. 

It’s Always Who You Know

Like this couple, the Lord will bring particular people into your life for a particular purpose. We are most wise when we recognize there are areas of life where we need guidance from others. Encounters can become divine if we recognize the purpose and seize the opportunity. 

Everyday encounters become divine encounters if we recognize the purpose and seize the opportunity.

Jesus’ 12 disciples were not initially renown for their spiritual acumen. They were renown simply because they followed Jesus (Matthew 26:69-71 and Acts 4:13). They had an image in their hearts of what they wanted for their lives but didn't know how to make it happen. Enter Jesus. In Him, they recognized that their own dreams could be realized if they would simply follow Him and do what He did.

Timothy was likely a teenager when he first met the apostle Paul. Timothy’s Jewish mother and grandmother taught him the Scriptures, and they all eventually became followers of Jesus. But as far as we know, Timothy didn't have a male role model in the faith (Acts 16:1 and 2 Timothy 1:5). 

Timothy became Paul’s constant companion. They were as a father and son, and Paul instilled his wisdom in Timothy (Philippians 2:22-23 and 1 Timothy 1:2). God had a plan for Timothy’s life, and it was realized because Paul mentored him. 

Your Mentor May Already Be There

Are you lacking wisdom in an area if your life? Pray and ask the Lord to send you a mentor. Or, just pick up your head and look around. 

Find the people who are what you hope to be. Ask if you can spend time with them. It's not necessary to become blood brothers or travel the world together, but regularly grabbing a cup of coffee and sharing conversation with someone you respect can transform your life. 

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