Ryan found community and his calling in life, while being healed from depression

March 3, 2020

depression friendship gauntlet

Even after taking a huge step and saying yes to full-time ministry, Ryan still walked in depression. Then, the Lord used community to enc...

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Ready to Receive: A 5-Day Devotional for NewSpring Women’s Conference

Oct 25, 2018

community women friendship discipleship

Do you want God to move in your life? We all do. But if prayer is all that comes to mind when we seek, we overlook the importance of a he...

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"Win at Home" toolkit

Oct 8, 2019

evangelism forgiveness hospitality friendship

How do you define success? What are practical ways you can win? Our four-week series will give you a new perspective on the place you cal...

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11 super-practical ways to encourage a girlfriend today

Sep 30, 2019


We can all use encouragement — daily! Good friends learn to give it in different ways to different people at different times. Try some of...

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The friend who never fails

From Genesis: A 7-Week Devotional

July 8, 2017

jesus friendship

In Genesis 40, the cupbearer had fallen really far, just like Joseph. He had gone from being the guy Pharaoh trusted with his life to bei...

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Tell Somebody

From After The Movies

Oct 19, 2014

evangelism friendship

When we’re excited about something, we can’t help but talk about it.Whether it’s our favorite restaurant, a great book or a funny YouTube...

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Gauntlet Packing List

From Gauntlet 2019

July 25, 2019

community faith friendship discipleship

Students leave Gauntlet week with some great memories and on fire for Jesus. In this message, Brad Cooper sends students home with a pack...

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10 ways to refresh your spirit every day

July 12, 2019

prayer friendship busyness thankfulness

1. Be slow What would it look like to live your life at half-speed? When you’re flying down the highway, you take in much less of what yo...

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Holy Fear

From Activated

May 19, 2019

friendship obedience following jesus fear church

God is a loving Father, so why would the Bible talk about our need to fear God? In this message, Meredith Knox tackles one of the most ch...

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Why You Feel Isolated in a World of Social Media

Feb 24, 2016

relationships friendship social media

Are social media followers really important? We live in an age of social media where we often confuse followers with friends. Social med...

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Disability in the church: Givers or takers?

Aug 17, 2016

community church children hospitality friendship

Disabled, differently-abled, handicapped, special needs. Even though I have a child who fits these terms and I am well-versed in the etiq...

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How a football star shined in the darkness

Sep 2, 2018

family evangelism community relationships friendship grief

High school standout Jacory Benson racked up yards and acclaim, but his no ordinary family changed the game.

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