The survivor’s guide to parenting when your kids are grown

It’s the moment you knew would come ever since you held them in your arms in the maternity unit. Packing up their belongings for college or celebrating their first real job always feels bittersweet — a teary triumph filled with nervous anticipation.

Did I set them up well for success? Will they be able to navigate the struggles on their own? Will they want to call when they need me?

The truth is, most of the time, it’s harder for you than it is for them. When the season of day-to-day parenting winds down, what comes next? We put together a survival guide to help you get a start on answering that big question.

1. How to prepare yourself for an empty nest

It’s a sure bet that your home will be quieter without your teenagers or 20-somethings, but what you really need is peace in your heart. Don’t wait until they’re gone to figure out how you feel about it.  

2. How to embrace new life goals when your kids are grown

You can fixate on what’s missing or you can focus on the new things God wants to bring into your life.

3. Should your young adult live at home?

You may not have planned for them to stay under your roof after graduation (high school or college), but the economic realities make this more common every year. Learn how the relationship with your grown kid can survive and thrive.  

4. How to help your young adult manage money wisely

Wanting your kids to have a better life than you did is one of the reasons you worked hard and saved up, right? But is pulling out your wallet the best way to help your grown kids when financial storms hit? We’ll help you make the right decision.

Have kids of a different age? Check out our other survival guides.

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