Think only perfect moms make it in the Bible? Think again

Lauren Ayers

Have you ever met those moms that have it all together?  

I am not that mom. More times than I’d like to admit, I have forgotten a lunch, yelled in anger, burnt a dish, quit a New Year's resolution, and laid on my sofa looking at my three growing girls thinking I am in way over my head. 

A couple weeks ago, an incredibly difficult morning with my oldest left me wondering if I would be judged for shipping her off to boarding school at 7. I literally thought that. I know, you’re already judging me.
It’s somewhat funny when we can joke with other moms about our struggles. I have a new baby at home, and last week I wore my workout pants inside out for hours before a sweet mom friend informed me of my error. We laughed about the early days after a new baby arrives and you’re walking around in a fog. 

But sometimes, behind closed doors, I wonder if I am completely failing at this. In fact, often I am convinced of it. And I’m sure I’m not alone. Regardless of what social media shows us, a lot of moms don’t always feel like they are excelling at motherhood

The same God who worked through imperfect moms in the Bible works through you and me. 

When I turn to the pages of the Bible, I find comfort in knowing that we are not alone. Moms in the Bible didn’t always have it all together either. 

  • Eve, the very first mom, is also responsible for bringing sin into the world (Genesis 3). You think you have a big weight to carry. Imagine being responsible for that!
  • Sarah doubted God when He told her that she would have kids late in life (Genesis 18:1-15).  She heard from God directly on this. I am under the impression that if God would just out loud tell me my next step in motherhood, this job would be a piece of cake. But would it?                                    
  • Mary was the mother of Jesus (Luke 2:41-52). Of all the people God could have chosen to raise His son, God chose her! Surely, Mary was a perfect mother, right? Well, on a family road trip she lost Jesus — as in left Him behind and had no idea where He was. I am well aware how crazy family trips can be, but you would think of all her kids she would pay extra attention to not losing that one.

The same God who worked through imperfect moms in the Bible works through you and me. The women in the Bible remind me that having it all together isn’t the point of motherhood. Learning to love and depend on Jesus, to care for others, to give and receive grace — that’s what God wants for us and our kids. 

It’s the harder days when I realize my innate need for Jesus. I pray. I read. I turn my girls over to Him. When I fail, I thank God that His mercies begin new every morning and I am reminded that His grace is sufficient not only for my girls, but for me, too.

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