Top resources on infertility

Getting pregnant seems like it should be easy — until it isn’t. Infertility raises a host of questions and can cause us to doubt God’s faithfulness.

What’s wrong with me?
Are we doing something wrong?
Am I being punished?

If you’re struggling to get pregnant, you’re not alone. God can handle your questions, your doubts, and your fears. And as we learn to lean on the Lord, He is faithful to fill the longing infertility creates.

Our Best Resources on Infertility

1. Lessons from Sarah for the woman struggling to get pregnant [article]

Abraham’s wife, Sarah, couldn't get pregnant for almost 90 years. Sarah dealt with all the hope, fear, anger, and disbelief that accompanies trying and waiting to have children. If Sarah were here today, I think she'd have some encouragement for those who are still waiting.

2. What do when everyone is pregnant but you [article]

God doesn’t ask us to pretend everything is OK when it isn’t. If we’ll be honest about how we’re feeling, He’ll give us the ability to work through the pain.

3. What to do when you’re waiting for the dream [article]

Believing doesn't always make the waiting easier. But there are nine ways we can make the most of the time between the call to be parents and the day that calling comes true.

4. How my struggle to be a mom changed everything [story]

Charity’s journey through infertility taught her there was a gift even greater than motherhood. See how God worked through two miscarriages and multiple rounds of IVF to show her that He is faithful and can be trusted.

5. Finding your way through infertility [article]

Many men and women in the Bible struggled to conceive, wrestling with the same longing, shame, and doubt couples experience today. Discover their experience of God can teach us about finding our way through the pain.

6. How to be helpful, not awkward, around your friends with infertility [article]

You don’t have to experience the same problem to be sympathetic to someone’s pain. Everything the Bible tells us about how to help someone who is hurting applies here, too.

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