Top resources on repentance

It’s one thing to say you’re sorry, it’s another to take the necessary steps to avoid making the same mistake again. That’s the difference between confession and repentance. Confession is admitting we messed up to God and to others. Repentance goes one step further and turns confession into change.

Our Best Resources on Repentance

1. The truth about confession and repentance [article]

Confession and repentance is an ongoing part of the Christian life. When we confess and commit to change, it pleases God and changes us.

2. How and why should I repent? [article]

Repentance is a change of heart that leads to a change in behavior. It’s not just about changing our actions or working to do better. Repentance is changing our minds to see things God’s way, and out of that our behavior changes.

3. The pastor who was imprisoned by a secret sin [story]

Tim had spent his whole life cultivating the image of the perfect churchman. But underneath was a child abuse victim struggling with sexual addiction. An arrest led to a stint in rehab, and just when Tim thought his ministry was over and done, he discovered the best was yet to come.

4. Five essential tips for starting over [article]

We have to give up what’s behind us so we can accept what God puts before us.

5. Are you silencing the Holy Spirit? [article]

Conviction is one of the ways the Holy Spirit guides us. But when we ignore that conviction and continue in the same sin, we will find it harder and harder to hear the Holy Spirit because we have spent so long ignoring Him. 

6. Sex was his appetite for destruction [story]

As a Christian, Hykeng had every intention to save sex for marriage, but the peer pressure proved too great. His faith became about simple religious activity — until an encounter with Jesus stopped him in his tracks.

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