Top resources on suicide

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, talk with someone today. Go to a local emergency room, call the National Suicide Hotline, or connect with our Care Team. Follow the links below to learn more about what the Bible says about suicide.

God has a specific plan and purpose for every person on earth. He is a God that loves His children and wants what’s best for them. He wants to share in your suffering with you and show you there is hope and this pain is only temporary.

Our Best Resources on Suicide

1. Suicide doesn’t affect just you [article]

No one thinks their family will be one counted with a statistic for suicide rates. Beth tells the story of her uncle’s suicide and discusses how to walk through grief if you’ve recently lost someone.

2. The whole of my heart [story]

After years of trying to fill her insecurity with drugs and alcohol, Haley saw the value her life, and she began to walk away from her past, realizing that Jesus's love alone was enough to fill her whole heart.

3. When suicide seems like the only way [article]

Your life is not too messy for God. There is no such thing as too messy for God. The cross is proof that God can take a mess and turn it into a miracle.

4. What if God never heals my depression? [article]

God gets all the glory when we are healed but are we willing to give Him the same glory when we aren’t?

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When suicide seems like the only way


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Top 10 stories about grief, suicide, and sickness

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Sex was the worst decision I ever made

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My friends knew Gauntlet would save my life

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My One And Only - Becca Page’s Story

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Suicide doesn’t affect just you

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One person dies by suicide every 13.7 minutes in the United States, according to the American Suicide Prevent... read more

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What If God Never Heals My Depression?

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Suicidal thoughts are not new to me. Mental illness is not new to me, though for most of my life neither I no... read more

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