Work, work, work, work, work

A recap of Dan Lian’s message “Work, work, work, work, work,” in 140 characters or less. 

  1. To be "built to last," we have to allow God to fully impact on every area of our lives — including our work. #BuiltToLast
  2. Work is not an evil. Work is not a punishment. Work is not a curse. Work is a blessing. #BuiltToLast
  3. Our work matters to God, and God wants to matter to our work. #BuiltToLast
  4. Work is an opportunity to partner with God in creation. #BuiltToLast
  5. God wants our work to cultivate beauty and reveal His glory. #BuiltToLast 
  6. Worship isn't only about singing songs to God; it's also about giving your work to God. #BuiltToLast
  7. Hard work honors God, and God honors hard work. #BuiltToLast
  8. If you bring your best into your workplace, God promises to honor that. #BuiltToLast
  9. God blesses a good work ethic, but He also blesses a good rest ethic. #BuiltToLast
  10. Work wasn't meant to be everything. Work was meant to be part of a larger life. #BuiltToLast

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