Session 6

What The Past Proves

From 2 Peter: An 8-Day Devotional

Whether it was a hurtful comment made five minutes ago or a bad choice made five years ago, events from our past can threaten to trap us in feelings of grief, guilt or shame. Instead of being haunted by the past, we can choose to view the past in a different light.

The once impulsive and hot-headed Peter developed wisdom, humility and compassion. He showed us that God can use our weaknesses and experiences to help others. Peter wrote to remind us of the hope we have in God’s promises for the future based on what has happened in the past.

The past is proof that God keeps His promises. The prophets in the Old Testament told about Jesus’ coming. They predicted that He would be rejected and die, even though He was blameless. Even before Jesus’ birth, they knew He would sacrifice His life for those that believed in Him. As a witness to Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, Peter confirmed the words that were spoken long ago.

The past reminds us of the work God has done in our lives. When we reflect on who we were before God saved us and think on who we are now, our perspective shifts. We move from regret to joy. Remembering God’s faithfulness in the past reaffirms our faith in Him today and assures us of His continued faithfulness in the future.


  • What is one way God has used your past to teach you something ?
  • How might God be using your present circumstances to teach and shape you for something in the future?

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