Session 6

Dear God, heal my body

From Amen: A 27-Day Prayer Guide

When you are suffering from a serious, chronic, or terminal illness, it feels like the pain will never end.

The truth is God can and will heal your body. In comparison with eternity, our pain and suffering are only for a short while. Some will be strengthened and healed in this lifetime, and sometimes God chooses to heal our bodies through death.  

The good news for followers of Jesus is the promise of eternal life, where there will be no more pain, illness, or suffering. God also promises to comfort us and walk with us through all of our pain.


  • What has God shown you about Himself during seasons of suffering? 

  • What are some examples of ways He has loved you during a difficult time? When our circumstances are not good, we can still celebrate that God is good. 


  • What do you want to see God do through your suffering? What are you looking to God to restore, redeem, or satisfy during this time?

  • What are you looking forward to about eternity with Jesus? Eternal life is the most precious gift that could ever be given to us. Knowing this life is not all there is gives us hope for the future. 


  • What do you want God to heal in you? Ask God for His complete and total healing.  

  • Is your faith struggling in this season? Are there things you said in pain that you wish you could take back? Ask God for forgiveness and thank Him for the ability to start fresh every day. 

  • Where do you need God’s guidance and wisdom? Maybe you need to ask God to put the right doctors, nurses, and staff in place to help you. Or maybe you need to ask God to give you wisdom about treatment decisions. 

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