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Dear God, help me to trust you with my money

From Amen: A 27-Day Prayer Guide

Money is one of the most difficult areas to trust Jesus. Maybe it’s because money is the way we try to control our own provision and bless ourselves. Trusting God with our money means giving up control of our material safety net.

But when we give God control of our money, we get to experience His promises to provide for and bless us. When we are generous, God promises to bless our obedience (Luke 6:38). And Proverbs 11:24-25 reminds us that generous people prosper while greedy people find themselves in poverty. 

Ultimately, trusting God with our money is not about the money; it’s about our hearts. Are we willing to be obedient to God and believe that His promises to take care of us are true?


  • Everything you have comes from God. Take some time to thank God for specific ways He has provided for and blessed you. 


  • When we tithe and when we are generous, God promises to pour out blessings on us. Thank God in advance for what He will do in your life as a result of your financial obedience.


  • Are you worried about being able to pay your bills if you tithe or give generously? Ask God to provide for those needs as you take your next step of obedience with your money.
  • Is there a way that you haven’t been trusting God with your money? Confess it to Him, ask for forgiveness, and ask Him to help you trust Him.
  • Are you struggling financially? In what way? Ask God to specifically show you how to overcome that struggle. 

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