Session 20

Dear God, would you change the lives of the people in my group?

From Amen: A 27-Day Prayer Guide

Who are your people? You know, the ones you laugh and cry with, the ones who build you up and challenge you in a loving way. As relationships form and people find common ground, we start to do life together. And with that, we begin to carry others’ burdens.

When someone we love hurts, everything in us wants to fix the problem. When great opportunities come their way, everything in us wants it to work out. And when our friends face challenges, everything in us wants to help. 

The hardest thing about loving someone is realizing we can’t make plans work out or fix the pain. But what we can’t do, God can do. When we’re feeling burdened for the people in our inner circle, the best place to take those hopes, desires, and dreams is to God. 


  • What are some of the frustrations and joys you’ve experienced as you invest in relationships with other people? What has your experiences with others taught you about God’s love and pursuit of you?
  • Who are the friends that you would consider “your people”? Thank God for the gift of great friends. 
  • How have you seen God answer prayers and increase your group’s faith? Thank God for His faithfulness. 


  • What are some of the hopes, dreams, and desires of the people you’re closest to? Let God know what you are looking forward to seeing Him do in the lives of your friends and group members. 


  • Do you have people to share your life with? Ask God to send you friends who will help you draw closer to Him and to deepen the friendships you already have. 
  • Is anything preventing you from fully embracing the community you have? Ask God to show you if there’s anyone you need to forgive or anything He wants to change in you.

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