Session 9

How to know what’s true

From Colossians: A 28-Day Devotional

Children quickly take others’ opinions as their own.

Ever met a little boy who agrees with everything daddy says? Or a little girl who believes all the silly stories her big sister feeds her? As adults and parents, it’s up to us to teach kids the truth so they can navigate the world around them.

When we decide to accept Jesus’ forgiveness and follow Him, we become like spiritual babies. We, too, have to learn the truth. Who and what we listen to affects our spiritual growth.

Paul wants everyone in the church to have complete trust and confidence in God as they grow in their relationship with Him. That’s why Paul warns against "plausible arguments." He knows that just because something sounds good doesn’t mean it’s true.

And just like today, there were lots of teachers out there peddling ideas that weren’t true.

The Colossian church didn’t have the Bible, but they did have access to men and women who had spent time with Jesus. People, like Paul, who could point out when they were adding something to their faith that wasn’t supported by Jesus’ life and teaching.

In Jesus, we have access to everything we need to know God. There is no new news that will come out about God that hasn’t been revealed in His Son or His Word.

The way we can know if someone’s teaching sounds good, or if it is good, is by testing it against Scripture. God will not say anything that doesn’t align with His character or His commands (Numbers 23:19).

If someone has a word from the Lord, set it aside. If it aligns with what you read in the Bible and it comes to pass, then it was from the Lord. Likewise, if you hear a message that approves of something the Bible calls sin, you’ll know that the teaching isn’t sound and can be dismissed.


  • Can you remember a time you when followed ideas that didn’t align with the Bible? What were the results?
  • What’s one example of a teaching that’s popular today but doesn’t align with God’s commands? Why is that teaching attractive?
  • How does it feel to know that you can be confident of what’s from God and what isn’t?

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