Think about the last time you had a really bad boss. Whether it was the business manager with more attitude than Miranda Priestly, or the outspoken entrepreneur who made Michael Scott look tame, i... Read More

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Session 1

Leadership is putting others before yourself

Leader is an admirable title, but it’s a position that carries great responsibility. Good leaders seek the interests of others before ten...

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Session 2

Why leadership isn’t all about the title

We all like to know that our boss or the authority over us is pleased, and it means even more when they take the time to share that in fr...

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Session 3

Why following makes you a better leader

In Joshua 1, Joshua stepped into the biggest opportunity of his life. Most likely feeling a mix of emotions, he knew he had to step up an...

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Session 4

You’re able, but are you willing?

Often, life seems like a never-ending list of obligations. You might have to bake a cake for your kids’ classroom or coach their T-ball t...

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Session 5

Why your voice matters

Great leaders raise up great leaders. Leaders have to be willing to take risks and to identify the next wave of leaders to continue the s...

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Session 6

Peace comes from letting God lead

Have you ever woke up knowing that no matter what the day brought, you were going to be fine? Peace is a wonderful feeling. We know it wh...

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Session 7

How to lead people to Jesus

Love compels a mother to lose all dignity in public as she screams the name of her lost child. Love compels a father to run into a burnin...

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