Session 8

The Roman Centurion

From Journey To Change

A centurion was a career military officer in the Roman army. This man would have been the boss of more than 100 soldiers. He had money, power, and influence. Still, the centurion had the ability to see what so many others could not: Jesus was not just another teacher.

The centurion was a caring man, as evidenced by his concern about his servant’s suffering. The centurion could not control this illness, but he knew Jesus could.

Despite being a powerful man himself, the centurion was able to see the power that Jesus had. Jesus had authority over all things, including illness. Because the centurion understood Jesus’ authority and acted upon this belief, the servant was healed.

Often, we believe that the greatest miracle occurs when Jesus saves those who have little — whether little status, money or health. We love dramatic testimonies that begin in poverty and end in prosperity. Just as much of a miracle occurs when a person who is great by the world’s standards sees his poverty and, in light of God’s greatness, recognizes his need for Jesus.

While pride, wealth and status kept others from Jesus, those things didn’t hinder the centurion because he humbly understood Jesus’ authority over all things.


  • What part of your life feels out of your control right now? 
  • Do you believe Jesus has authority over all things and you don’t? How do your actions reflect that belief?
  • Do you have trouble asking for help? Is pride stopping you from coming to Jesus for help with any area of your life? Why or why not? 

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