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From Journey To Change

Zacchaeus, Jericho’s chief tax collector, was so intent on seeing Jesus that he climbed a tree just to catch a glimpse of Jesus as he passed through town. We don’t know what Zacchaeus was thinking, other than “How can I get a clear view of this man?” Maybe Zacchaeus felt guilty about his past choices. Maybe he had heard of Jesus and knew Jesus was the only hope for change. Maybe calling out to Jesus was spontaneous. All we know is the result of this encounter: Zacchaeus was changed.

Faith doesn’t just affect our thoughts and emotions; it produces action.

We often think of faith as something that is confined exclusively to our head and our heart, but our faith doesn’t just affect our thoughts and emotions; it produces action. After a simple invitation from Jesus, Zacchaeus offered to return money to anyone he had defrauded and to give half his possessions to the poor.

Faith changes us. Zacchaeus was wealthy, crooked and greedy. However, his faith in Jesus changed the way he lived his life. How is your faith being demonstrated in your life?


  • How has your faith in Jesus shaped your relationships, your approach to your job, and your attitude toward your hobbies?
  • How can you show someone else the love of Jesus today?
  • What recent actions have you taken in faith?

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