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Seeing God in the hard conversations

From Gauntlet: An 8-Day Prayer Guide

This morning, thousands of students are scattered around the beach reading their Bibles and watching the sunrise. It’s the second full day in Daytona. Soon, students will head to the first of two sessions. They’ll meet with their community groups, enjoy free time on the beach, then head back to the Ocean Center for the night session.

In all of these spaces and places, hard conversations are happening.

Learning about who Jesus is and hearing how He’s changing others will inevitably cause us to wonder for ourselves: Am I experiencing the full life Jesus promises? (John 10:10)

As those questions bubble to the surface, room leaders are there to listen, encourage, and pray. Today’s verses remind us that God is with us in hard conversations. Leaders don’t have to fear what a student might confess because the Lord has gone before them. He has been preparing the hearts and minds of students and leaders for these exact moments. He knew what students were going to share and handpicked each leader to be part of that conversation.

At this point in the week, leaders are tired. Students are asking tougher questions. The temptation is to avoid hard conversations, but the Bible says to lean in. So our pray for leaders is to trust that God is with them and that the Holy Spirit will help them.   

How to Pray Today:

    • Pray for students to have the courage to share the insecurities, fears, and questions they are wrestling with.
    • Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide room leaders and volunteers as they enter into hard conversations. Ask God to energize them and give them the courage to share the Gospel boldly.
    • Pray for our speakers and worship leaders to experience a humble confidence as they guide students and leaders into God’s presence in sessions today.
    • Pray for protection for all of our volunteers from any kind of emotional, spiritual, or physical exhaustion.

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