The first time you face a tough choice at work or school.  The point in a relationship when you know it isn’t going to work.  The moment you hold your first child.  The day you... Read More

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Devotionals From This Study

Session 1

You have access to a wealth of wisdom

Everyone wants to believe the myth of control. We believe we are in control of our lives, until something happens and we’re not. T...

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Session 2

Will they miss you when you’re gone?

How will others remember us when we are no longer alive on this earth? This question may seem unimportant, but we are choosing how others...

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Session 3

How are you measuring success in life?

Often, we correlate success with how much wealth someone has accumulated. Our lives are successful based on the size of our bank accounts...

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Session 4

Avoid fools if you don’t want to become one

We have all heard the phrase “guilt by association.” Did you know there is also such a thing as “hurt by association&rd...

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Session 5

Tomorrow is too big to try it alone

Think back to when you were little. How many times did you answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” M...

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Session 6

How to know who is worthy of honor

The singer steps on stage and the opening chords of the song fill the room. She inhales deeply and lifts the mic to sing. But what comes ...

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Session 7

Do you believe God is awesome?

Like Agur, the author of Proverbs 30, we’ve all hit a wall where we realize we can’t answer the big questions of life. While ...

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Session 8

How to live a life of noble character

Proverbs begins with a command to fear the Lord and ends with the description of a woman who fulfills this command (Proverbs 31:10-31). ...

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Session 9

Why you should welcome discipline at any age

Childhood meant dealing with many “good” things that seemed devised to make us suffer. Were we really supposed to believe th...

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Session 10

What to look for in a leader

Have you ever been led by someone and thought, “I’d follow them anywhere”? How did you feel in those circumstances? &nb...

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Session 11

Lying won’t get you what you really want

Remember the rush of getting away with a little white lie as a child? Maybe you said you cleaned your room when really you stashed the e...

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Session 12

Is God mad at me?

We want to spend time with Jesus, but we forget to set the alarm clock and oversleep instead of reading the Bible and praying. We know co...

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Session 13

Why you need to be leading you

Proverbs 6:7-8 says the ant “has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at...

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Session 14

So you want to be wise?

Most of us know ‘the look.’ It’s the face mom makes when she catches us digging into the cake for the church social. It...

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Session 15

The best way to find your way

Imagine going on a road trip without a GPS, a map, or any familiarity with the road ahead of you. At first, it might not be difficult to ...

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Session 16

Flirting with trouble is more dangerous than you think

Any one of us can become trapped by seduction. Sexual temptation isn’t something we fall for; it’s something we take steps to...

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Session 17

Is the way you handle conflict adding to the drama?

When was the last time you got really jealous? Maybe your younger sibling got married before you. Maybe your best friend bought a house y...

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Session 18

You can’t do the right thing without the right heart

When you were younger, your mom probably advised against snacking too much before dinner. But inevitably the hunger pangs would get the b...

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Session 19

With great wisdom comes great responsibility

Have you ever sat through a history, science, or even a math class and thought, When will I ever use this? It’s easy to let knowle...

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Session 20

Choose your words wisely

One night as a mother and daughter were doing their nightly routine before bed, the mom saw an opportunity for a quick, but important, le...

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Session 21

Learn to own your mistakes

If a group of teachers was asked to create a list of the most common excuses students make, “He/She made me do it” and &ldquo...

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Session 22

How to win in every disagreement

Ever had a discussion turn into a heated disagreement? You both believe you’re right and want to change the other’s mind. It&...

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Session 23

How do we know what’s true?

Turn on the news and you’ll hear two contradictory phrases in one sentence. Everyone’s calling everyone else a liar and talki...

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Session 24

How to avoid getting pulled in again

Few things are as terrifying as being swept up by a riptide or strong current. Before you realize what’s happening, you are out of ...

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Session 25

Passing down wisdom is the best gift you’ll give your kids

As parents, we hope our kids can turn down drugs, alcohol, and pornography without hesitation. If only we could will them to make better ...

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Session 26

Why you should care what other people think

Everyone is born with a boatload of foolishness (Proverbs 22:15). Our natural tendency is to choose poorly and experience bad consequence...

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Session 27

There’s no such thing as “get rich quick”

More than 40 million people visit Las Vegas, Nevada, every year, and each one gambles an average of $530 in an effort to hit the jackpot....

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Session 28

Why the party scene won’t make you happy

From movies to music, our culture seems to hold the party scene on a platform and shout, “This is where you’ll find fulfillme...

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Session 29

Use your words for good, not evil

We are all guilty of running our mouths and hurting other people. Without even stopping to think, we open our mouths and out come our opi...

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Session 30

How to deal with anger

No one likes a distracted driver. It’s the woman looking down at her phone after the light has turned green. It’s the guy who...

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Session 31

The best place to find the truth is in the Bible

How do you know who to listen to or which advice to take when you have a decision to make? Between family, friends, the news, and the Int...

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