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From Ready to Receive: A 5-Day Devotional for NewSpring Women’s Conference

The songs have been sung. The donuts have been eaten. The friendships have begun or deepened. The conference is over, and it’s back to the real world.

To make the weekend a life-changing event — rather than just two days spent with the girls — think of it as a time when you received tools to improve your future.

Right now, you may feel strong and encouraged; full of commitment to the Holy Spirit; feeling the presence of God. But will that high be there tomorrow when you face two days’ worth of laundry, whiny kids, and unwashed dishes?

The book of Esther reveals how Esther and the people of Israel faced a life-or-death situation at the hands of a jealous rival. Esther met the existential threat with the tools of community, fasting, and prayer.

Instead of panicking, she turned to God and let Him fight for her. She called on her fellow Jews to join her in expecting God to protect them (Esther 4:15-16).

You, too, have threats to your peace of mind. But now you also have the tools to face those threats. Let the weekend provide you with a long-term solution, rather than a quick fix, for whatever you struggle with.

You, too, can use the same tools as Esther to face discouragement and stress.


The friends you made at the conference; your church family; your pastor, are all ongoing sources of support and encouragement. The enemy is most successful when we isolate ourselves from other believers. God calls on us to rally together to support one another (John 13:35).


Esther asked her friends not to eat or drink anything for three days. You can fast by giving up food and drink, or you can fast from those things that damage your peace and your walk with God, such as bitter people, bad habits, or social media.


Taking your concerns directly to God is always the best way to deal with a threat. Asking others to pray for you also doubles the impact (2 Corinthians 1:11).

God doesn’t intend for us to feel encouraged and strong only when we’re in a worship gathering or experiencing a special event with other believers. He equips us to be dependent on Him no matter our circumstances.


  • Which tools from NewSpring Women’s Conference do you hope to use in the future?
  • How can you rely on your community to encourage you?
  • What do you need to fast from in order to continue to experience God’s peace?

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