Session 26

Satan will meet his doom

From Revelation: A 28-Day Devotional

We have all had that one pesky fly that seems determined to drive us insane. We find ourselves waving our arms like a lunatic, cursing the insect, and wondering how such a tiny creature could cause so much chaos. 

Satan works like that maddening fly. He will wear us down and petty us to death. He wants to “steal, kill and destroy” every good thing God offers us: joy, peace, love, and even sanity (John 10:10, Galatians 5:22-23).

We tend to think of Satan as God’s adversary, but remember — especially during challenging times — they are not equals. God is all-powerful. He is all-knowing. He is everywhere. Satan’s power is limited. God created Satan, and God will one day swat him out of existence like one does an annoying fly (Revelation 20:10).

God has the victory! When we are with Him, we are victorious, too. So when we call on Jesus when we’re faced with trials and temptations, we give Him the power to take control — to protect us and drive Satan away (Ephesians 6:10-20). Our own fears diminish when stop relying on ourselves and begin relying on the one whom Satan fears.

  • How do you respond when faced with trials and temptations?  
  • What could you do today to experience victory in an area where you’ve previously struggled?  

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