While living in exile on the island of Patmos, John got a vision of what it’ll be like when Jesus returns. John shares what he saw, as well as specific warnings and encouragements for the church, i... Read More

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Session 1

You can be fearless

Remember when you thought your parents were the strongest, most powerful people in the world? As kids, we felt invincible in their care. ...

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Session 2

Stop going through the motions

Serving in the church is a good thing. But what happens when excitement becomes exhaustion, when there is no satisfaction and much less j...

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Session 3

How to overcome your worst fears

Suffering can look different for each of us. Sickness, financial strain, and infertility are all unique types of suffering. Wha...

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Session 4

How to overcome temptation

Have you ever felt like fighting sin is pointless? Every day, we’re faced with opportunities to return to what’s comfortable and familiar...

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Session 5

Look how far you’ve come

Jesus celebrates the believers in Thyatira for growing in good deeds. Not for having the best worship services or seeing most salvations,...

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Session 6

Do you work out?

Like standing in a garage doesn’t make a person a car, just showing up to the gym doesn’t make a person stronger. To see change, we must ...

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Session 7

Are you making the most of what you’ve been given?

The thing that set the church in Philadelphia apart wasn’t what they had, but what they did with what they had.  What the church in...

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Session 8

How committed are you to following Jesus?

Have you ever been to the pool at the beginning of summer when the water is just a little too cold to jump in? You stick your toes and le...

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Session 9

Worship doesn’t just happen on Sunday

Revelation 4 offers descriptions of some rather interesting creatures. Scholars have argued for centuries about what these creatures repr...

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Session 10

Jesus alone is worthy of worship

If you’ve ever toured a historic home, you know you are not allowed to open some doors or walk on certain staircases. Since you don’t hav...

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Session 11

Is judgment day for real?

The end of the world is an idea so thoroughly explored, it could have its own category on Netflix.  But Judgment Day is m...

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Session 12

Jesus is a good judge and righteous king

We have come to accept suffering, hunger, and pain as part of life. While they may not be the norm in your life, these problems are unive...

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Session 13

This is the most important person trying to get your attention today

It is 5:30 in the afternoon, and your phone is beeping for the third time in 5 minutes. You have 10 unread emails, and you know from the ...

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Session 14

This is the only effective way to deal with sin

Sin is more than a bad decision made at the moment. Most of the time, sin stems from a pattern of behavior we aren’t addressing. It’s rar...

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Session 15

How much do you need to know?

Have you ever watched a movie and at the end of a scene you think to yourself, “What just happened?” You either rewind and re...

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Session 16

What you need to know when hope seems lost

Many of us can relate to failure or defeat. When we feel our lives spinning out of control, we find it difficult to believe that God is i...

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Session 17

What you need to remember when Satan attacks

The alarm goes off, and we wake up. We start our morning routine not knowing what the day holds. For a while, things go as planned.&...

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Session 18

Where do you find your joy?

There was a time when Nintendo was the must-have gaming system. There was no equal on the shelf. Adults and kids had to have a Nintendo. ...

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Session 19

Christianity isn’t a magic wand

Many believe that becoming a Christian is like waving a magic wand over all life’s hardships. Once we accept Christ, all of our pro...

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Session 20

Just wait, things are going to get better

We live in a fallen world. We don't need anyone to tell us that evil and sin exist. We just need to watch the news for 5 minutes or t...

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Session 21

What’s the purpose of wrath?

A loud, high-energy child is pushing his mom’s patience toward her limit. She says, “If you don’t stop, I’m going...

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Session 22

The making of a martyr

Every year, thousands of Christians around the world are murdered because they confess Jesus Christ as Lord. That statement may seem a bi...

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Session 23

Get rich quick or be rich forever

Commercials promise more happiness when we buy their product: If you're sad, surely, it because you don't have one...

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Session 24

Don’t worship the messenger

Before the final strike of the auctioneer’s gavel, selling the old worn violin for a paltry $3, the gray-bearded man stepped forwar...

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Session 25

Is your understanding of Jesus growing up with you?

Jesus isn’t like Santa Claus. He doesn’t double check a heavenly list so He can whip the “naughty people.” We al...

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Session 26

Satan will meet his doom

We have all had that one pesky fly in the house that seems determined to drive us insane. It buzzes around our heads like a kamikaze pilo...

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Session 27

Not everyone experiences heaven

In the Disney movie "Frozen," the snowman Olaf sings a jingle about how happy he will be when summer comes. His friend says, &ldquo...

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Session 28

Are you ready to meet with Jesus?

Life on earth is temporary. This is true for all of us. Our lives here will come to an end. While we don't like to think of life end...

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