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Pray for your church family

From Teach Us To Pray: A 21-Day Prayer Guide

Thinking of the church as a family gets complicated. Baggage from biological relationships and past religious experiences can cloud our understanding of what God intends a church family to be. But the Bible paints an extraordinary picture of who we are together.

The people of God are the church, a dwelling place for God. We’re like a body, connected by bones, joints, marrow, blood vessels, and more. Like a biological family, we don’t get to choose who’s in the church family with us. God is creating this structure; He’s designed this body. Over time, throughout history, in every language, nationality, and continent. 

Despite our differences, we are called to be unified. So when one person suffers, the others feel it. When one person rejoices, others are lifted up. Each member of the church is integral to the next.

  • Is there anyone in the church you can’t imagine this journey without? Thank God for them and the joy they bring.
  • Who in the church do you struggle to understand, but you know God has placed them alongside you for a reason? Thank God for that person and His purposes in both your lives.
  • Has anyone in the church offended or annoyed you? Maybe a leader you disagree with or a volunteer who’s too outspoken? Think of one way you can seek unity with this person. 
  • How could you ask forgiveness for the part you played in the conflict?
  • Are there relational needs you long to see fulfilled in the church? If so, ask God to bring those relationships to fruition. Ask Him to give you courage as you step out in faith to connect with a church family. 
  • Is anyone in your church family in need? Pray for them, and ask God if there’s a way you can fulfill their need.
  • Does the idea of church family confuse or bother you? Allow God to reveal where those feelings come from and to bring clarity and peace to your heart.
  • Has a wound or relationship from your past made connecting with your church family difficult? Ask God to intervene and reveal your next step.

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