Top 10 stories about parenting and family

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A husband faces the loss of his wife and their unborn child (VIDEO - Part 1) & This couple lost a baby but they never lost their hope (VIDEO - part 2)

Jamie and Elizabeth Salmon risked life-threatening pregnancy complications again, clinging to the hope that God would fulfill His promise of a family for them.

How a “bad kid” made a surprising turnaround (VIDEO)

When Zach Hughes was expelled from school, his family worried for his future, but they had faith God could give him a new start.

I gave the gift of forgiveness to my dying mom

Chasity Brazell had turned her back for good on a drug-addicted mother, and then she had a surprising change of heart.

How my struggle to be a mom changed everything

Charity McCants’ journey through infertility taught her there was a gift even greater than motherhood.

How a hurting teen and a hoping-to-be mom became no ordinary family

Quentin Shaver felt abandoned by a broken family. When he met Meg Cook, her heart already had a place where he belonged.

The teenagers with a secret they wanted mom to find out (VIDEO)

Creeana Crossland was amazed at her children's excitement about going to church. Then the wave of salvation that transformed their lives swept over her own heart.

How one couple’s sacrifice turned out to be priceless (VIDEO)

Will and Rose Boozer struggled with infertility until Jesus led them into a radical act of generosity that put their hopes for a family fully in his hands.

Busted with weed at school, this student discovered the true meaning of grace

Scooter Barnwell found comfort in popularity, pills, porn, alcohol, and weed before discovering that Jesus' grace was what he really needed.

The miracle that saved our son and changed our family

Cassie and Rick Littlejohn discovered a hidden purpose in their pain as people worldwide begged God to save their newborn.

The surprising journey that changed me and my dad

Clemson football player Darien Rencher was only 14 when he discovered that a father can sometimes learn from his son.

BONUS: The words of life that changed my autistic son’s destiny.

Heather Campbell feared her son wouldn’t "get" the gospel because he had Asperger's and autism. Then she saw it change his life.

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Sharing your story is a simple and powerful way to tell people about Jesus.

Sharing your story is a simple and powerful way to tell people about Jesus. By talking about what Jesus has done for you, it’s like joining a conversation God is already having with them.