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Daniel: A 14-Day Devotional

Ever feel like the odd one? Like following Jesus may have put a target on your back? If that’s you, you're not alone. 

When Daniel’s country was overthrown, he and thousands of his countrymen were deported to Babylon. There, Daniel found himself at the hands of an eccentric dictator, living in one of the most wicked cities in the ancient world. If you were looking for idolatry and excess, Babylon was the place to be. 

It would have been easy for Daniel to give up his faith and try to blend in. But he didn’t. Instead, Daniel put his trust in God. When the king needed advice, when Daniel’s life was on the line, when others undermined him, Daniel remained steadfast. 

Daniel’s story is a lesson in God’s sovereignty. Every day, God is working out his plan for nations and people. No matter our circumstances, like Daniel, we can find security in the fact that God is and has always been in control. 

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