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Session 14


Read: Esther 2:1-10, Esther 4:1-17

If given the chance the majority of women would change something about their physical looks and/or life’s course. But what if we viewed our lives the way God sees us, as his beloved children? God has specific plans for our lives and uses the good and the bad circumstances to bring us to situations that will bring Him glory.

Esther knew what it was like to feel like her life was not perfect. She was an orphan Jew raised by her cousin Mordecai in Persia. Esther, like many of us felt like a misfit. But God uses imperfect people like Esther to bring Him glory and to fulfill His plans. Even with odds stacked against her, through Gods providence Esther was able to save the Jewish race. God intentionally placed Esther in the king’s path so that she could speak on behalf of the Jewish nation.

God wants us to have faith in Him and trust that even when we can’t see Him acting on our behalf we know that He is still active. God created you with specific gifts, talents, and circumstances to use you to bring Him glory.


1. How has God shown up big in your life in the past? Are you willing to have faith like Esther in verse 4:17 so God can show up big right now?

2. Esther followed God one step at a time and was put in a place to save a nation. Small steps can lead to big opportunities. What is your next step?

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