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Session 5

Do You Need to be Baptized Again?

Read: John 10:27-30

Big Idea: Doubts don’t have to keep you away from Jesus; they can drive you closer to Him.

Am I really saved?

Does God really want me?

Did my baptism count?

We might get the feeling that we need to be baptized again. Many times we get that feeling because of some sin or doubt we’re wrestling. We may feel like we can lose our salvation when we mess up, and therefore we need to start the whole process over. However, that’s not what salvation and baptism are about.

Baptism is a one-time symbol of a one-time salvation. If your baptism came after you decided to follow Jesus, that was the right time to be baptized. It’s a public expression of your new direction with God.

If salvation depended on us, we would be in trouble; but by God’s grace, it doesn’t. Jesus brought spiritual cleansing for all through His death on the cross and resurrection from the tomb.

Taking steps with Jesus is a daily process. He doesn’t require us to be perfect or have it all together. He wants to help you make progress and He’s with you for the long haul.


  • What doubts or questions do you have about salvation or baptism? Talk with your host or someone on the Care Team for help finding answers you’re looking for.

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